True sales training is the most cost effective marketing tool you can undertake to improve the position of your venue in the market place.

For 2.5 hours you and your team will enjoy this fast-paced workshop teaching hands-on, proven strategies for creating customer satisfaction through selling with suggestions and successful secrets for communicating and leading with confidence.

This SALES training has now assisted many venues in areas such as

gaining new customers
getting local customers to return more often
getting all of your customers to spend more money and have a great time
enabling staff to have fun and create positive word-of-mouth advertising for a bar, restaurant, club, sports venue or entertainment centre

The sales training session will cover the use of sales tools and technique’s which will assist toward great sales goals.

The communication technique’s and course parameters are designed specifically for the New Zealand mid-range and premium concept bar and the restaurant market, with special attention to New Zealand specific issues.
This fun and energetic session promises to be a valuable learning experience to gain loyal patronage, greater profit and minimise staff losses.

It’s estimated by marketing companies in NZ that “the average modern New Zealander is exposed to between five and 20 traditional ‘up-sells’ every day… “Whether it is a meal deal or a bigger size at a quick-serve restaurant, right through the spectrum to an accessory or warranty package at the electronics store or the next size of jumbo popcorn at the movies…” New Zealanders are finding themselves fending off more and more up-sell approaches every day. They are getting better at saying “no” - they have formed a resistance to it, thus spelling the death of the ‘french fry up-sell tool’.

This course looks right at the heart of this issue and many more. The skills your team will harness makes this training a winner for managers and owners who are looking for new ways to inspire their crew to sell more, serve better and develop genuine connections with customers.