Raising the Bar Consulting offers a wide variety of training programs, including:


Stages 1 & 2 - "Servers vs Sellers" (total time: 2.5 hours)

This is a fast-paced workshop teaching hands-on, proven strategies for creating customer satisfaction through selling with suggestions and successful secrets for communicating. Build up your business from within by building your team and teaching them to drive sales and keep customers returning - all this without expensive advertising campaigns.

This is the best money you can spend on improving your business.
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Total Time: minimum 2.5 hours.

The design, evolution and on going development of your venue is reliant on a great many things that will be planned and completed before opening. One of the most important areas is so often left to chance – the right management and venue hosting, the right people taking ownership of the venue and delivering a consistently high quality product to guarantee success. This strategic training hits hard at the real key to hosting tables, large events, greeting, checking the team and much more.

Developed just for the NZ market, this training will help to develop your key people and build your team of stars.
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It’s imperative to design and build a venue with key appointments, practicality, along with creating an enjoyable atmosphere. With many new venues being developed, it’s always advisable to continue to develop your venue as well.

An evaluation can assist toward future redevelopment, forward planning, staff training, early trade recovery and many more areas. The evaluation will take in to account many aspects, some of which are - layout and appointments, menu, food presentation, staff product knowledge, service and delivery, entertainment, marketing, local area research.

Venue Evaluations are performed over 2-3 days during both daytime and evening hours. A written evaluation will be provided within 10 working days after the information has been gathered along with an action plan of how we can work with you to improve your business.

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