As a full scale consulting business to bars, restaurants and nightclubs nationwide, Raising the Bar Consulting provides a variety of services. Our company has the scope and necessary experience to cover almost any topic, including:


The second someone decides to enter this industry, there are a million new questions: from site determination, to licensing, all the way through building, developing and promoting - even all the way through to the dreaded profit line.

Havin effective operations and procedures in place from 'day one' ensures the revenue generated upon opening is not wasted on fixing inefficiencies and re-training. You only open once so it is critical to not only generate the maximum revenues but also retain as much as possible, as most new venues will lose over 25% of their income in the first 3 months, simply through inefficiencies.

Compliance with licensing and permits is also key - we ensure the venue is ready to handle the obstacles and barriers it most certainly will face, in the most expedited and low cost manner.

Right now you're focused on raising the money or finding the location - the addition of Raising the Bar Consulting to your team will help you through the process in an easy step-by-step manner, and make your venture a success.



Is your venue seeking a new concept, a breath of fresh air, or simply just in need of some fine tuning?

Are you enjoying revenues, but your profits are weak? Perhaps you need an economic analysis of your business? Or just a fresh set of eyes?

Some of the best operators around are creative operators who understand the concept and its execution, but need the support or help of an expert back-of-house team to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Our method is clear and simple: jump in, accumulate as much data as possible and approach the restaurant from the inside-out, starting with the flow of money.

Everything from plate costing to labour and operating costs, RTB can assess all things needed to increase the bottom line. We provide real solutions to problems facing your business.



Despite all our previous successes, experience and qualifications across the board in hospitality consulting, our principle focus and wealth of solutions-based experience comes from rescue packages for companies on the brink of insolvency, with mounting debts and an unrealistic or unattainable game plan on the table.

While we would always prefer a client to contact us prior to their problems reaching a critical point (its always more effective to proactively avoid a problem than try to fix it later) we have a nationwide reputation of providing immediate solutions to businesses spiralling out of control. Taking immediate steps, the company may be able to organize a profitable turnaround or, alternatively, seek protection from the court to stop the damage and allow time to rebuild the business. It almost always starts the same way.

  • We will assess quickly and have real time turnaround offers and support.
  • Bank account being dipped into by others around you? Your security matters can also be assessed.
  • IRD & payroll taxes not paid? Unable to meet the tax obligations of your payroll?
  • Are you thinking about bankruptcy or are your creditors thinking of putting you in bankruptcy?
  • What are your immediate solutions today to get the company back on track?

If you are generating revenue then step one is already out of the way. Now the game of keeping everybody away and buying time will become the focus, while the operation and procedures receive an overhaul. Our network of relationships with vendors, who will assist a salvageable business, and our significant tactical legal experience, can turn an operation 180° - in a matter of days.

And for those of you who have read this and thought, "they can't help us" - yes, we can help you, too.



We recognize that you may not be ready to, or feel that you may not have a need to talk with us at Raising the Bar Consulting, even as a phone consultant - however, give us a call and you will not only get some helpful answers but it's all obligation free.

You may just have a question or a concern, that you would like an industry professional’s opinion on, or just need some direction on where to find the right person or process. Well, at RTB, our unique blend of experience and relaxed, friendly approach allows you to be able to 'ask away'. Depending on the nature of the request, we will endeavour to get an answer straight away, or get back to you with an individual response within a few hours of your request.