Raising the Bar Consulting also offers a range of games and activities to help with your promotions, including:


The Jackpot Machine is designed to increase second and third drink opportunities, in pub, bar and club on-premises venues, but it also works well in off-premises selling a specific product.

The unit, after being sign written on the acrylic front, is ready to set up in your venue, and entertain your customers. Each time a patron purchases a drink, the unit is hit once and the unit will register one dollar - after every drink is sold and the staff hit the jackpot button $1 will go onto the total, and when a randomly chosen amount comes up, the unit will go off. The customer who purchased that drink is the winner of the jackpot amount, made to look like real money, but only usable in your venue on whichever product you want available to them - tap beer, wine whatever you decide.

A Tui branded jackpot unit in a North Island venue, with the lucky winners in front.

Full settings for the unit, including the random number range and so on, are clear and easy to use, on the unit itself. These units have already produced great results and are proven to increase spend, stay times and repeat customers.

The Jackpot Machine is available for hire - Contact Us for more information.



Set up the three units - as one is hit the others are cancelled out for a few seconds so first to hit is the person who gets to answer the questions - if a person answers wrongly open up the question for the next two people to answer and so on.

Grab 3 people from the crowd at a time in each round; give a pass to the winner of the round to come back in the semi finals. Each round will have 10 questions asked and the winner is the person with the most right, simple stuff. Sometimes it’s good to have a member of staff keeping score.

After a few rounds - normally 9 - you will have 9 semi finalists, so call them up in sets of three and keep the winner of each semi by giving them a pass to the final, then have your three finalists shoot it out with a bumper round of 20 questions.

A couple of notes:

  • watch the crowd for people cheating - talk to your crowd about this and be hard or it gets out of control fast.
  • choose people as you see fit from the crowd, I like to use first name letters called out that kind of thing.
  • prizes can be any thing, but normally I like a prize pack for the winner, get a sports bag and fill it with $2 shop stuff and one good prize like a toaster etc from the warehouse and a two other prizes for second and third.